Hello Berlin!

We’re thrilled that Kinky Salon is happening in your town, and we’re here to give our official ‘thumbs up’. We’ve shared all the details, tricks and tips of how we throw ‘Arty Sexy Parties’ with event producers around the world, so that they can recreate that unique Kinky Salon vibe.

We hope you enjoy it!

Polly and Scott xx
Kinky Salon
San Francisco

Where it all began

Kinky Salon was born in San Francisco in April 2003 from the hearts and the loins of the dynamic duo Polly Pandemonium (an ex-London native and latex designer) and Professor Violet (a jack-of-all-stages, from puppetry to character acting). Due to their experiences in the fetish community and the Burning Man community they wanted to create an event that would foster a tight knit, creative, playful community of freaks and frivolity. And so they did!

The concept quickly established itself in San Francisco and the community really started to take on a life of its own. The events were affecting people in a way never predicted, transforming their lives and their attitudes and providing them with a community they could really be a part of. After a while, the founders started to get requests from people across the world wanting to throw their own Kinky Salons – and so further communities across the US, and their first European offsprings in London and Copenhagen were born.

The Kinky Salons in London and Copenhagen have gathered a lot of momentum in recent years – both communities taking the original concept from San Francisco and enhancing it with the attitude and special characteristics of local culture. So it was only a matter of time that this wonderful concept would spread to Berlin! The founders of Kinky Salon Berlin are a motley crew of different origin, languages, genders, and orientations who have experienced the KS concept in various other cities and thought it time to bring it to our amazing city laden with great history and kink.

We too shall take the essential concepts of the Kinky Salon community and – with the help of all of you – give it our own ‘Berlin’ stamp and create something exceptional and beautiful.