PAL System

In order to help maintain a safe, playful, and responsibly hedonistic playspace (and prevent wanky men lurking in the shadows), we use a technique called the Pervy Activity Liaison, or PAL system.

Whether you are male, female or other, if you want to come to Kinky Salon these rules apply:

    • You cannot come to a Kinky Salon alone, but must bring a PAL with you.
    • You must arrive together at the door.
    • Your PAL can be the same gender, another gender or even a couple. Up to three people can PAL each other. Your PAL does not have to be a partner or lover, but can also be a friend.
    • You cannot PAL someone you don’t know. You must know them and trust them.
    • You must have agreed on your PAL before you buy a ticket. Either buy tickets for both you and your PAL at the same time, or let us know the name of your PAL when you buy your ticket.
    • Do not cruise about on Facebook, our site or other internet social spaces looking for a PAL, and please do not ask our crew to PAL you in.
    • If either of you violates the code of conduct you will both be held responsible, and possibly both be excluded from future parties.
    • All attendees, including PALs, need to be registered!!


Longer Q&A:

  • I am a single guy. Can my PAL be another single guy? YES! As long as you know and trust them, you can testify to their good character and agree to keep an eye on each other, your PAL can be of any gender.We are a couple and we have a single friend – can we bring them with us? YES! Please do!I am a single girl. Do I really need to bring a PAL? YES! They can be another girl, a single guy or a couple.I am a single guy. Am I welcome? YES! As long as you are respectful, you have read and understand the Charter, you have a PAL who you know and trust with you, and you follow the dress code by turning up in a fabulous outfit, you are welcome.My lover and I have never been to Kinky Salon before. Can we PAL each other? YES! Both of you just need to sign up and be accepted to our mailing list, then you can get tickets for you both and PAL each other.Can I meet someone online, arrive with them, and then go off and party? NO! You must know your PAL, be able to testify to their good character, and trust them. To come to the event with someone you don’t know and trust is disrespectful to our community and compromises the safety of the space.

    I know someone else who is going to Kinky Salon. If I buy tickets late, can I arrange at the last minute for them to be my PAL? YES! As long as they have already agreed to be your PAL and can be there to meet you at the door when you arrive.

    If I arrive 15 minutes before my PAL can I hang out at the party till they arrive? YES! But we will ask you to stay in the lobby so that you are there when they arrive to check in.

    Can I come with a group of three or more single PALs? Three is the maximum number of people we allow to PAL one another. Above that you can split into separate groups of two or three to vouch for each other. But of course you are welcome to arrive together.

    Why do you recommend we leave together? The reason you should leave together is that you don’t want to be held responsible for some random person’s late night shenanigans. If you do leave without your PAL we will still hold you responsible for your PAL’s behaviour.

    What happens if my PAL misbehaves? First we will talk to them, and then we will find you and talk to you. If it is serious then they will be banned and you will get a warning. If you are not there, we will contact you after the event. If we can’t make contact with you, neither of you will be welcome back in future.

    Will I get kicked out if my PAL misbehaves? Possibly. It depends on the situation.