Dear Kinky One,

To apply for a membership to Kinky Salon Berlin, please send us an email answering the following questions:

Why would you like to join Kinky Salon?

Who is your reference?

What can you bring to our community?

Tell us a little secret about yourself.

This should not be treated like a mechanical task. Think of this as an invitation to share something about yourself with us so we can get an idea of who you are and whether we would be a good match. If it doesn’t seem like we share the same ideas or maybe you’re looking for something we can’t provide, we might turn down your request or suggest for you to apply again another time. All applications will receive a personal response.

Please remember, in order to become a member, you have to be referenced by an existing member. So when telling us who your reference is, please include a full name and email address that matches one of our members so we can verify your reference and make sure you have explicit endorsement from that member rather than just being acquainted. They will also have to be one of your PALs at your first Salon.

After answering the questions, please also take a picture of yourself with your favorite object (tell us about it!) and send all of this to

This serves two purposes:

1. We want to reduce anonymity. While we understand that some people might feel apprehensive about this, we believe is is the only way to create a safe, communal environment. So it’s important that we can see your face!

2. We want to get to know you at little better before the party. Your picture doesn’t need to be kinky, just be creative in any way you like. Again, don’t think of this as a mere hoop to jump through, but an opportunity to share something with us that might be better expressed in a picture than in words. This is not about determining how good-looking you may be, but about seeing how you present yourself, how you want us to see you. This is more about creative than about hot (but of course ALSO hot is always good). Be expressive, have fun with it, give us an impression of who we’re inviting into our community! In other words: please don’t send us boring head-shot selfies 😉

Only by submitting both the form AND the picture will your application be complete.

(Please note that membership does NOT depend on outer appearance, gender, or any other physical factors; this sign-up process simply ensures that our community remains safe, intimate, and fun.)

We’re looking forward to getting to know you and are excited about what you might bring to our community!

Yours completely,
Kinky Salon Berlin